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El Cid Vacations Club is one of the top vacation resorts located in Mexico, and this can be said for many reasons. Travelers who do get the chance to spend time here love indulging in luxury at their high-class accommodations, as well

Cancun is a unique city home to quite a bit of history and charm, especially when you consider one former society that used to call the area home. Although the Mayans are no longer around, there are many traces left of their civilization that travelers will enjoy exploring during their time here. Here are a few of the best recommended Mayan ruin sites in Cancun.

  • El Rey Ruins: Many remark about the iguanas who live here sort of standing guard near the temples, but the unique small stone village and it’s rare architecture style is something El Cid Vacations Club knows everyone will enjoy seeing up close. With a close location to the Hotel Zone, those who don’t want to travel far will love this pick.
  • Coba: This is a great spot for those interested in learning more of the Mayan civilization’s history. El Cid Vacations Club reveals there are many engraved stones that highlight their ceremony rituals as well as other important events pertaining to the time period (AD 600-900).
  • Chichen Itza: Perhaps one of the largest of the Mayan ruins, El Cid Vacations Club shares travelers will love spending time looking at one of the area’s most legendary landmarks—the large stone pyramid in the center of the ruins.

El Cid Vacations Club shares all this and more is waiting to be explored in Cancun, so book a trip today in order to see the Mayan ruins up close.

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