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El Cid Vacations Club is a premiere authority on luxury vacations, offering travelers the chance to explore luxury like they have never seen before during their trips. Mexico is a great place to experience something new, especially the city of Mazatlan. And one thing El Cid Vacations Club wants travelers to know is that Mazatlan is a city full of traditions, and there truly is something that every traveler who visits the city will enjoy exploring. The city is full of so many vibrant examples of culture, and one of the best ways to explore this is by taking time to go sightseeing around the town. One of the most popular sights is the famous Mazatlan Cathedral, which was built in the 19th century. Be sure to bring along a camera while admiring the tall yellow towers that decorate the exterior.

El Cid Vacations Club MazatlanStick around and spend the day in Centro Historico, also known as the town square. This is a great place to check out one of the most popular forms of cultural expression in the area, which El Cid Vacations Club reveals can be found in the delicious cuisine in the area.

Perfect for those looking for treasures to take back home. Taking a local cooking class, asking for a recipe from a restaurant’s local chef or even snagging a cookbook of some local favorites is the perfect souvenir because it is the gift that keeps on giving. Travelers who do this will not impress their friends and family back home but also will reap the benefits themselves while making these delicious dishes.

Mazatlan truly is one of the best places to visit for a fun vacation the whole family will enjoy, so for the perfect summer vacation, El Cid Vacations Club thinks spending time here will be the perfect cure for a travel craving.

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